Rome Earle

The Alexander Technique is

  • an intelligent way to solve the common movement problems than cause chronic pain and stress.
  • an opportunity to notice your movement habits, release compression and move with ease and expansion
  • a proven self-care method that helps enhance performance in both professional and everyday activities


The Alexander Technique was developed by F.M. Alexander (1869-1955). Alexander suffered from a vocal problem that interrupted his career as a Shakespearean actor. Unable to find a medical cure, he learned through self-observation and experiment the crucial importance of the relationship between the head, neck and spine. The quality of that relationship – compressed or free – determines the quality of our overall movement and functioning. When the neck is free, allowing the spine to lengthen and the back to widen, the head balances lightly atop the spine, and the breath moves in and out easily. Inherent postural reflexes are restored, allowing a natural, dynamic force that utilizes gravity.

Observe how we operate and move

Stop unconscious harmful habits

Develop the skill to choose conscious actions


The photographs above show F. M. Alexander working with Rome circa 1950.


Photograph of Rome Earle by Stephen Parker.